Monday, December 5, 2011

Master took control

Well, Master took control as soon as Car left....  I was so surprised when i got that mail, really i was.  AND he said, " in not so many words that I was his and that i had to have permission to fuck whoever i wanted, to register on sites to pick up men and what not..."  He said we decided on this long ago and If I was going to keep my end of the deal.  Of course I said I was, I was his sweetheart.  He's my Master, the love of my life..  He'll always be the love of my life.

He's concerned for my safety, which is understandable concerning today's happenings.......    So, i will follow his rules, which he set down, every last one of them.

He knows me real well, to well in fact, knows the tilt of my voice if I'm telling the truth or not, if there's more to the story or not and if I'm going to tell him everything or not.  Knows what i want and how to give it to me.

He's a wonderful man, My Master......

It's just the start.  Let's see where this will go:  Me and Him.........  See if he'll come through for me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I saw this on a blog i just read and it resonates with me.  I have to have the courage to submit to my Master.. No amount of punishment will get me there..  I have to have the courage to do it myself, to want to submit to him, the courage to submit to him....

She wrote this:  The Black Leather Belt

I do relate to being afraid of one’s own submission. I really get that. What I don’t get is how that should be your dominant’s problem. It is your fear (it was my fear) and yes, you need to trust, but it is your own control of your fear that is the submission. It is your courage that is needed here.

It is my  own FEAR....